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Call for ISBIS Proposals - ISI 2015 WSC in Rio

The 60th World Statistics Congress of the ISI, will be held on 26-31 July 2015 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Chair of the ISI 2015 ISBIS Program Committee, Prof. Kwok L Tsui, invites the ISBIS community and friends to submit proposals for the Invited Paper Sessions (IPS) for increasing awareness of new research areas as well as presenting significant research results to a broad audience. Each proposal should include a brief description and motivation for the proposed session, together with a list of speakers and discussants (please send names, affiliations and e-mail addresses) who are ready to participate in case the proposal is accepted by the ISI 2015 Program Committee.

The general criteria established by the ISI 2015 Program Committee recommends that talks should be of interest to a broad cross-section of ISI members ranging from theory to applications with topics of global importance. In particular, we encourage proposals in the topics of industrial statistics, business statistics, big data and data mining, statistics research related to emerging technologies in science and engineering, etc. The participation of members from developing countries is particularly encouraged.

A new flexible session format has been proposed to entertain 70, 100 and 120 minute sessions based on the number of invited papers, time duration of talks, and need for formal or floor discussions.

The proposals should be submitted to by December 15th, 2013. The submitted proposals can also refer to the sessions that are jointly organized with other ISI Associations.


CALL FOR PAPERS - ISBA-George Box Research Workshop on Frontiers of Statistics

The George Washington University, Washington DC

May 20th-22nd, 2014

The ISBA-George Box Research Workshop on Frontiers of Statistics is co-organized by the ISBA Section on Economics, Finance and Business, the Section on Industrial Statistics, and the Section on Objective Bayes.

The program will highlight currently topical and challenging research linked to many of the areas Box worked in. In part, this will recognize the contributions of George Box in Bayesian statistics and his legacy in terms of impact and connections with many other scientific research areas.

Focus areas include:

Dynamics and Control; Design and Experimentation; Time Series and Forecasting; Industrial, Commercial and Other Applications; Model Assessment and Criticism; Objective Bayes and Bayes/frequentist Interfaces; and others.

The workshop will feature invited and contributed talks as well as contributed poster presentations. Some preliminary information about the workshop can be found at the web site:

People interested in presenting a contributed paper or poster are kindly invited to send an abstract by December 15th, 2013 to A limited number of papers will be selected by the organizing committee as contributed talks, while all others will presented at the evening poster session and workshop reception.

The workshop is endorsed by ISBA and co-sponsored by the Institute for Integrating Statistics in Decision Sciences, The George Washington University.



ISBIS-2012: The last biennial international conference of ISBIS was held in Bangkok, Thailand during 18-21, June 2012.

Inaugural y-BIS Prize for young statisticians awarded at ISBIS 2010 in Portoroz, Slovenia

ISBIS Summer School

ISBIS Sardegna Statistics Summer School 2011, June 27th - July 7th, 2011, Cagliari, Island of Serdegna - Italy