5. Elections

  1. The Executive Committee shall appoint a Nominating Committee by October 1 of every even-numbered year to select the slate of nominees for the open positions in the next Executive Committee and the Council. This committee shall be chaired by the President-elect or her/his designate and include 5 additional members. One of these shall be a y-BIS member. The remaining four shall be selected to represent the diverse geographical regions represented in the Society. The chair of the previous Nominating Committee shall serve as ex officio member without voting rights.
  2. The membership at large shall be invited through e-mail to submit nominations for these positions to the Chair of the Nominating Committee by no later than November 30.
  3. The Committee shall develop a short list of candidates for the open positions. It shall ascertain from the individuals in the short list if they are willing to stand for office in the capacity for which they have been nominated.
  4. The Committee shall submit to the President by January 31 a final slate of nominees consisting of at least one candidate for each of the following positions: President-elect, the four Vice-Presidents, and the open slots for Council together with a report. The Nominating Committee shall be dissolved at this stage.
  5. The President shall submit the report of the Nominating Committee to the Council within two weeks of receiving the report. The Council Members may nominate additional candidates provided that each such nomination is sponsored by at least twenty (20) voting members and is in the hands of the President by March 30.
  6. The President shall submit, by April 30, the names of all nominated candidates to the General Membership of the Society for secret vote by e-mail. However, if there is only one candidate for an office, that candidate shall be declared elected without vote. The voting shall be concluded by May 31.
  7. The ISI Permanent Office shall count, by June 30, all the votes received. For each office, the candidate receiving the most votes shall be considered elected. If there is a tie for any office, the outcome shall be decided by a run-off. Members of the Society shall be notified of the result of the elections by July 31.