ISBIS 2021 Satellite Conference - Plenary Talks

7 May 2021

Time (CET) Event
2:00 pm Introduction by the ISBIS president
2:15 pm "A review of data science in business and industry and a future view," Grazia Vicario and Shirley Coleman, Vol. 36 Issue 1
2:45 pm "Stratified two-sample design: A review on nonparametric methods," Eleonora Carrozzo, Rosa Arboretti, Ricardo Cecccato and Luigi Salmaso, Vol. 36 Issue 5
3:15 pm "Topological data analysis in digital marketing," Choudur Lakshminarayan and Mingzhang Yin, Vol. 36 Issue 6
3:45 pm Break
4:00 pm "A graphical diagnostic for heavy tailed data," John Nolan, Vol. 36 Issue 6
4:30 pm "Leaders and followers in mutual funds: A dynamic Bayesian approach. Andreu, L, Sarto, JL, Gargallo, P, Salvador, M. Vol. 36 Issue 4
5:00 pm Closing Remarks and ISBIS Assembly Meeting

Note: Volume and issue numbers from Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industry