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What does ISBIS do?

ISBIS promotes applications, research, and best current practices in business and industrial statistics, facilitates technology transfer, and fosters communications among members and practitioners worldwide. More about ISBIS>

What does y-BIS do?

Young Business and Industrial Statisticians is a special group that promotes the careers of young researchers and professionals with many activities. More about y-BIS>

William Sealy Gosset Lecture

Presented by ISBIS in recognition of outstanding statistical work that furthers the mission of our society. Awarded to (from left to right) Bill Meeker in 2015, Vijay Nair in 2017, David Banks in 2019, and Galit Shmueli in 2021. Learn More>

William Meeker Vijay Nair David Banks Galit Shmueli

Galit Shmueli will present a talk titled "The Language of Statistics (and What's Lost in Translation" in the Gosset Lecture session at the upcoming 63rd ISI World Statistics Conference.

ISBIS Satellite Conference, 7 May 2021 [Registration]

The ISBIS 2021 Conference will be held on 7 May 2021 and will be entirely online. The conference features several Plenary Talks which may be attended by completing registration. Viewable as well, are short (~10 minute) talks contributed by members of ISBIS.

Leading Women Webinar Series: Sonali Das on 21 May 2021 [Registration]

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