Luca Frigau

ISBIS Executive  Committee Members (pictured from left to right)

President: Fabrizio Ruggeri (Italy)

President Elect: Daniel Jeske (USA)

Vice-President Scientific Program: Martina Vandebroek (Belgium)

Vice-President Communications: Roman Viveros Aguilera (Canada)

Vice-President  Membership & Outreach: Tahir Ekin (USA)

Vice-President  y-BIS Members: Luca Frigau (Italy, not pictured)


Caterina Liberati Rituparna Sen Sergio Yañez Canal Wee Yeap Lau

ISBIS Council Members (pictured from left to right)

Yili Hong (USA/China)

Julie Novak (USA)

Rahim Mahmodvand (Iran)

Olawale Awe (Nigeria)

Caterina Liberati (Italy, not pictured)

Rituparna Sen (India, not pictured)

Sergio Yañez Canal (Colombia)

Wee Yeap Lau (Malaysia)


Ex-officio Council Members

Dylan Friel

Fabrizio Ruggeri (Italy): Editor in Chief of ASMBI

Roman Viveros-Aguilera (Canada): Editor of ISBIS News

Dylan Friel (USA): ISBIS Webmaster


Thanks to:

Yili Hong (USA/China): Editorial support to ISBIS News and contact for ISI monthly News

David Steinberg (Israel): Editorial support for ISBIS News and
editor of the section on Highlighting Interesting Articles that
are NOT in the Statistics Literature