20 Aug. 2019

ISBIS 2019 Post-Conference Report

The ISBIS 2019 Satellite Conference took place in Lanai Kijang in Kuala Lumpur, a residential complex of Bank Negara (the central bank of Malaysia) with ...
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18 Aug. 2019

62nd ISI World Statistics Congress 2019

Welcome to the 62nd ISI World Statistics Congress 2019! It gives me great pleasure to invite you to the 62nd ISI World Statistics Congress 2019 (ISI ...
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15 Aug. 2019

ISBIS 2019 Satellite Conference

The ISBIS 2019 Satellite Conference will be held in Kuala Lumpur on Thursday August 15 and Friday August 16 2019, just before the start of ...
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13 Aug. 2019

Data Science, Statistics, and Visualization (DSSV 2019)

This conference will take place in Kyoto, Japan on August 13-15, 2019. There will be an ISBIS invited session entitled “Recent Advances in Business and ...
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28 May. 2019


In 2019, the International Conference on Robust Statistics (ICORS) and the Latin American Conference on Statistical Computing (LACSC) will be jointly organized and held in ...
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08 Jan. 2019

ISBIS sponsored session

Report on ISBIS sponsored session at International Conference on Computer Age Statistics in the Era of Big and High Dimensional Data Balaji Raman, Cogitaas AVA ...
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28 Dec. 2018

ICASMDS 2018 Post-Conference Report

The Department of Statistics, University of Madras organized an International Conference on Advances in Statistical Methods and Data Science (ICASMDS -2018) during December 20-22, 2018. ...
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22 Dec. 2018

STATFIN 2018 Post-Conference Report

The fourth workshop and conference on Statistical Methods in Finance, 2018 exposed the participants to new and active areas of research and engaged researchers into ...
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