Types of Membership 


 Individual Membership: Any person can become an individual member by applying for membership and paying the annual dues.

 y-BIS Membership: Reduced fees are available to young statisticians who are graduated less than five years ago. Applicants must provide evidence of the date of last degree.

 Student Membership: To be eligible for the student rate, one must be enrolled at an educational institution and must be certified as a current student by a member of the academic staff of the institution at which the student is enrolled. Student members have all the privileges of individual members except for voting rights.

 Institutional membership: Organizations whose objectives are compatible with those of the Society can join as institutional members subject to approval by the Executive Committee. These include educational and scientific institutions, business and industrial enterprises, government organizations, and non-profit institutions. Each institutional member can designate a representative who will have the same rights and privileges as an individual member. There are special rates for institutions from developing countries. If your company or institution is interested in becoming an ISBIS Institutional member, please contact us at for more information.

 Honorary membership: This is for distinguished members of the society and is available by nomination only.

For more information regarding membership, please visit the ISI’s website.

ISBIS Annual Membership Fees can be found here.