Institutional Membership

As an institutional member, you can help us promote business and industrial statistics and increase the diversity of the society as well as involvement of students and recent graduates. Your financial support could enable ISBIS to support students, and members from developing countries to serve as active members of our society. In return, we hope to help you connect with the ISBIS members and serve actively in the society promoting the advances in business and industrial statistics. For more information, please see our Call for Institutional Membership.


ISBIS provides a variety of products and services as well as networking opportunities, including activities aimed at promoting the careers of students and recent graduates. In particular, ISBIS features:

  • – A biennial international conference that covers case studies, applications, best practices, and state-of-the-art research developments and attracts participants from across the world.
  • – An active slate of regional conferences and workshops as well as meetings that are co-organized with local societies to focus on the specific needs of the regions.
  • – Lowest registration rates at all official ISBIS events.
  • – A website ( and a regular newsletter that provides a broad range of information.
  • – An international journal, Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industry, with free on-line access to ISBIS members.
  • – A 35% discount on Wiley books for ISBIS members in good standing.
  • – A Young Statisticians’ group (y-BIS) that facilitates communications among people starting in their careers and provides support in a variety of ways – jobs network, Help Desk, social networking.