2. Objectives

2.2 In order to realize its objectives, the Society may:

  1. Organize a biennial symposium to provide a forum for discussion of leading-edge research and best current practices. This is named the International Symposium on Business and Industrial Statistics and shall be held during even-numbered years to avoid overlap with the ISI Biennial World Statistics Congresses.
  2. Organize or co-sponsor regional conferences, workshops, lectures and other activities, as appropriate, to promote business and industrial statistics in different parts of the world and to transfer technology to practitioners in less developed countries;
  3. Participate in and organize invited program meetings for the biennial ISI World Statistics Congresses and other events sponsored by the ISI family;
  4. Develop, sponsor, and support the publication of journals, periodicals, books, and other means, including electronic, to disseminate developments in research and applications;
  5. Develop newsletters, websites and other relevant media to facilitate communication among members and other practitioners;
  6. Collaborate with international, national, regional and other organizations or institutions with objectives that are consistent with those of the Society, including other ISI associations; and
  7. Undertake or participate in cooperative activities, make transactions, and take all other necessary action for the advancement of the objectives of the Society.
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