4.2 Executive Committee

  1. The Executive Committee shall meet (physically or virtually) at least twice a year. One of these shall be held at the biennial ISBIS symposium held in even-numbered years and at the Biennial ISI World Statistics Congress in odd-numbered years. The other meeting can be in person or virtual (video or teleconference).
  2. If, for any reason, an Executive Committee office becomes vacant, a substitute shall be appointed by a majority vote of the President and the Executive Committee.
  3. If a Vice-President does not fulfill her/his obligations adequately and all efforts to remedy the problems are exhausted, the President can introduce a resolution to have the person replaced. This resolution must be approved by five other members of the Executive Committee. In this event, the office shall be deemed vacant, and a Council member may be selected, if appropriate, by the Executive Committee as a replacement.
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